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Drama Alumni

     Each year the Hardaway Drama Department's students are filled with sorrow, as our seniors part and head on to other things.  There is not a student that has left the Drama Department at Hardaway who has not been touched or who has not touched others in the "Drama Family".  This is the reason why the Drama Online Alumni has been created; To commemorate those who have helped build and maintain the huge platform the Hardaway Drama Department stands on today.

      Are you a former Hardaway Drama Student?  If so, please take the time to join the Online Alumni.  Just fill out the Alumni Registration Form and we will submit your posting as soon as possible.

     Since the Alumni is a NEW section to the site, we are requesting your help to get off and running.  There are a few entries in the registry at this point, so if you know of other Hardaway Drama Alumni Members, let them know so they, too, can submit their entry.

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