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Reed, Ben F.

Years Attended At Hardaway:  1995-1999

Graduation Year:  1999

Hardaway Shows Participated In:
The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe(1996)
Dinner Theatre '97
Flowers for Algernon (1997)
Class Action(1997)
Dinner Theatre '98
West Side Story (1998)
Barfoot in the Park (I kissed Robin Wade, hell yeah!)(1998)
Dinner Theatre '99
Godspell (1999)(I kissed Mitch Montgomery!!!)
Give My Regards To Broadway(1999)(I kissed everybody!)

Shows Participated In Out of Hardaway:
Two Gentlemen of Verona(SCAD 2000)
Stanley Can't Fly(SCAD 2000)

"Famous Last Words":
Don't make drama so dramatic.Break a leg. Heads up. Have a great run. Slap as many backsides as you can get away with, don't piss off the technical crew, don't make too much fun of the actors, be exellent to each other,have fun and hug your director.

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