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Vander Gheynst, Sally Marie

Phone Number:  (706)568-1109 (Columbus)

3402 Cambridge Dr.
Columbus, GA 31906

E-Mail Address:

Years Attended At Hardaway:  1994-1998

Graduation Year:  1998

Hardaway Shows Participated In:
Dinner Theatre(s), Wizard of Oz, The Lottery, Grease (HI KIDS!), The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, Class Action, West Side Story, Priday, Drama Club, Thespian, etc.

Shows Participated In Out of Hardaway:
Springer Stuff and Human Experience Stuff and UGA Stuff

"Famous Last Words":
One ought every day to hear a little music, see a fine piece of art, and read fine words," (close to that, at least) Goethe

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