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Kelly, Karen Elizabeth

Phone Number:  (706)324-3642

8751 River Road
Columbus, Georgia 31906

Years Attended At Hardaway:  1996 - 2000

Graduation Year:  2000

Hardaway Shows Participated In:
One ACt 1996-1999
Dinner Theater 1997-2000
Dinner Theater MC 1998-2000
Pride Day MC 1999-2000
Various other performances like Covenant Woods, Holiday Inn, Valentine's Day, Ft. Benning, Pep Rally.
Pride Day 1997-2000
Drama Club 1996-2000
Thesbian Society 1997-2000
Drama Class 1997-1998

"Famous Last Words":
"Participating in HHS drama was one of the most rewarding things that i did throughout my four years at HHS. I enjoyed every minute of every show. It made me a stronger person and helped me express myself. I loved it."

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