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Dinner Theatre '00

Show Reviews

     The show was great! It was the first time I have gone, and now I wish I had gone last year.
Lisa Palmer

     I went in to Dinner Theatre knowing it was going to be a great show, but how great I wasn't sure of! This show swept me away, and I hope to one day share that stage with many of the extremely talented performers who were up there! All was fantastic, and congratulations on all that was accomplished!

Hardaway does it again.
     Once again the Hardaway High Drama Department has come up with a sure-fire way for the winter blues.  I attended the first of four Dinner Theatre performances on Feb. 11, and I left feeling much better than when I arrived.
     Those young people project so much energy, so much excitement, that you cannot help but absorb some for your very own.  The program was very entertaining, fun and contained some truly exceptional performances.
     Go to some of these school programs in the year.  This is miles better than the movies, folks.
The Ledger-Enquirer
Robert Knott
Seale, Ala.

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