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My Fair Lady


Adam Archer  Adam, a Junior, is making his theatrical debut in “My Fair Lady”.  He has enjoyed his brief dramatic experience in drama classes at school.

Kira Ashton  Kira, a Freshman, was an usher for Dinner Theater 2000.  “My Fair Lady” is her first show.

Astrid Barrow  Astrid, a Senior, is currently involved in her first show with HHS Drama.  She has, however, done several shows at her middle school and took drama classes her freshman year.

Kaitlin Bell  Kaitlin, a Sophomore, is currently involved in her first drama production.  She is known for her massive truck and horse competitions.

Adam Bounds  Adam, a Junior, has been involved in fine arts for six years.  He is making his debut in “My Fair Lady”.

Amanda Brown  Amanda, a Freshman, has performed in several productions at The Human Experience Theater and was recently in Hardaway’s One Act Play and Dinner Theater 2000.

Kat Cannella  Kat, a Junior, is making her debut performance on the Hardaway stage.  Her last show was “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, at Columbus High.

Caitlin Cook  Caitlin, a Sophomore, is now in her fifth show with Hardaway High School Drama.  Her talents include singing and dancing.

Lindsay Durham  Lindsay, a Senior, is making her stage debut in Hardaway Drama in “My Fair Lady”.

Karan Anne  Ellison Karan, a Sophomore, has been involved in acting for several years. For the past four summers she has been involved with the Springer Theater Academy.

Jenny Green  Jenny, a Junior, is performing in her second Hardaway show.  She participated in Dinner Theater 2000 and is active in drama.

Christina Gridley  Christina, a Junior, has performed as Carter in “The Game”.  This is her first show with Hardaway Drama.

Chris Harbour  Chris, a Junior, is in his third show at HHS.  He was the gangster, Mugsy, in “Give My Regards to Broadway”.

Alisha Herrington  Alisha, a Junior, has participated in several HHS productions.  Her debut was in “Class Action”, which was 1997’s One Act Play. This is her third show as Stage Manager.

Sara Hutchinson  Sara, a Freshman, has always loved acting.  She has been in HHS One Act, Dinner Theater 2000, and now “My Fair Lady”.

Mark Jamieson  Mark, a Junior, has worked multiple shows as crew.  He has also done several shows with The Human Experience Theater and The Springer Opera House.

Joe Johnstone  Joe, a Sophomore, is making his drama debut in Hardaway High’s production of “My Fair Lady”.

Hope Lehman  Hope, a Senior, debuted in Dinner Theater 2000.  Her place as Queen of Transylvania and Choreographer of “My Fair Lady” has given her great insight and inspiration toward her performance.

Aaron Lewis  Aaron, a Freshman, made her debut in the HHS One Act Play “Give My Regards to Broadway”.  She has been involved in drama for most of her life.

Charlene Manuel  Charlene, a Sophomore, is experiencing her fourth show at Hardaway High School.  She is a Thespian and is currently involved in both Drama Class and Drama Club.

Frank Massa  Frank, a Junior, has been involved in many performing arts.  This is his first time on stage.  He has worked as assistant sound for Dinner Theater.

Lisa Mayo  Lisa, a Sophomore, is making her debut on the Hardaway stage.  She has done several shows at HHS as crew.

Chelsea McLemore  Chelsea, a Sophomore, ushered for One Act 1998, as well as Dinner Theater 1999, was Crew Prop Mistress for One Act 1999 and performed in Dinner Theater 2000.

Kristen Metcalfe  Kristen, a Sophomore, has been performing on the HHS stage for two years.  Her dream is to someday play Mimi in the Broadway production of “Rent”.

Jonathan Miles  Jonathan, a Senior, has been involved with drama his entire high school life.  He has done numerous shows working on as well as off stage.

Brandon Murphy  Brandon, a Sophomore, has been in plays and musicals for five years.  This is his first show with Hardaway High School Drama.

Carrie Newton  Carrie, a Sophomore, is experiencing her second play at HHS.  Her first was Dinner Theater 2000.  She has also taken Drama I.

Chris Patterson  Chris, a Sophomore, made his acting debut in “Give My Regards to Broadway”.  Before that he was Sound Chief for “Godspell”.  He has done several other shows.

Natalie Pigg  Natalie, a Freshman, is making her debut on the Hardaway stage.  She is a member of Cascade Hills Drama Club and she spends her time as a JV Cheerleader.

Rachel Posey  Rachel, a Junior, is now in her second performance at Hardaway High School.  She was a showgirl in this year’s One Act Competition.

Hanna Probst  Hanna, a Freshman, has always enjoyed drama.  She started her HHS career behind stage as part of crew.

Justin Riviere  Justin, a Senior, is making his theatrical debut on the Hardaway High School stage.  He has, however, been in several local productions in Columbus.

D.J. Rotach  D.J., a Senior, is making his debut on the Hardaway stage in “My Fair Lady”.  He is currently involved with Drama class.

Daniel Rushing  Daniel, a Sophomore, is currently involved with his third show this year.  He spends his time building and weight lifting.

Jason Sebastian  Jason, a Senior, is making his Hardaway stage debut in “My Fair Lady”.  His first show was a middle school production of “Into the Woods”.

Kim Sneed  Kim, a Sophomore, ushered for Dinner Theater 1999 and 2000.  She is also working running crew in “My Fair Lady”.

Brett Stanelle  Brett, a Junior, has participated in several HHS productions.  This is his sixth show as the accident prone Crew Chief.

Garrett Tovey  Garrett, a Junior, has been involved in performing arts such as Band and Orchestra for six years.  This is his first time on the HHS stage.

Kacie Tyner  Kacie, a Freshman, was in “Give My Regards to Broadway”, which was the 1999 One Act Competition.  This is her third show with HHS Drama.

Rudie Valrie  Rudie, a Junior, made her debut on Hardaway’s stage with “Give My Regards to Broadway”, the 1999 One Act Play.

Nate Welker  Nate, a Sophomore, is making his debut on the HHS stage.  He has appeared in “The Sound of Music” at the Springer, as well as many productions in middle school.

Michael Williams  Michael, a Sophomore, has been involved in several HHS productions in addition to “My Fair Lady”.

Lisa Brinker  Ms. Brinker has been at Hardaway for “too many years”.  This production of “My Fair Lady” will be her 35th show.  Ms. Brinker was recently inducted into the Female Educators Honor Society.

She will be giving each cast and crew member $1,000,000.00
at the show’s end. (This bio written by the cast and crew.)

Special Thanks to Cris Metcalfe for typing out these biographies, and in the process saving me a lot of time.