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My Fair Lady

Show Reviews

     I have been attending performances by HHS Drama for 2 years now, and though I have always enjoyed the performances this was clearly the best so far.
     The cast and crew worked very well together, the inevitable glitches were handled very professionally, and it was most evident that everyone concerned held nothing at all back.
     As always, for me the best part was seeing a group of young people put so much of themselves into a performance, making the audience feel a part of what is happening, rather than mere spectators.
     The singing ranged from enthusiastic to heart-rending, was always thoroughly entertaining, and I can still conjure up a tear merely by remembering. I was also surprised at how well a bunch of Southerners handled Cockney accents. I will cop out here and not single out anyone for special praise, but I have never had a better time in a theater.
     I cannot, however, refrain from making one statement, if Justin Rivere transferred to Hardaway this year, I will forgive him, but if he has been here all along and never before shared his talent with us, I'd pound him if I could catch him.
     Thank you all for a most memorable and elevating experience, I can hardly wait for next year.
Robert Knott

     I absolutely loved the show and have such great respect and admiration for all the cast and crew. You all did a spectacular job with the acting and the wonderful singing. Even when some lines were missed, you all did a great job of continuing on with the show! (Way to go MRS. Pierce!) The team is a wonderfully talented bunch of awesome teen-agers.
     One suggestion. Someone mentioned that the web site address could have been on that GREAT program.  I thought that was a good idea as lots of parents and supporters don't know about the website yet.
     You are the greatest group of kids and I am so proud of all of you and am having a great time being a 'drama-mama'.
Rosemary Mayo

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